Wastewater Collection/Treatment


Similar to drinking water distribution systems, reliable wastewater collection and treatment requires quality planning and strong design principles. We have engineers and construction administration professionals in-house who focus entirely on the design, installation and maintenance of all the important components involved with sanitary collection and wastewater treatment systems including sewers, pump stations, treatment plants and lagoons.  We have a long history of designing and overseeing the construction of community-wide sanitary collection and treatment systems, and many of these same clients continue to rely on us to assist them with planning and designing improvements and expansions to those original systems. Just like roads and water systems, sanitary systems are an important piece of infrastructure and require proper planning and quality design to ensure their reliability and function. Whether constructing a new system or updating and expanding an old one, we take extra time to pinpoint the different options available and even evaluate the pros and cons for each type. The end result is a product that is tailored for the client’s specific use and benefit – ensuring a long-lasting, reliable and properly functioning system.