UAV/Drone Services


Spicer Group uses advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to perform photogrammetric and remote sensing services. Continuing our trend of leading the industry with advanced technical services, we can collect high-resolution aerial imagery which can be used to create orthorectified aerial imagery, 3D mesh models, digital elevation models (DEMs), 3D point clouds, and other detailed mapping deliverables.  Our team can quickly fly a project site, process the imagery, and deliver a 3D textured model to the client in their web browser making the technology ideal for continuous monitoring of ongoing construction projects. In addition to using UAV technology for traditional mapping applications, we can also acquire stockpile volumes more accurately and efficiently than with previous ground surveying techniques due to the ability to reconstruct a high-resolution 3D representation of the entire stockpile from all angles.  UAV technology is another tool in our expansive toolbox that allows us to provide our clients 3D mapping products that meet their specific project requirements in the most efficient way. 

For more information about our UAV offering and how the technology may benefit you, please visit or call Jeremy Dancer at 989-763-2837.