Structural Services


Everybody needs structure—including the projects we work on. Nearly every infrastructure component in our world has some type of structural design component woven into it. Without structural design, pipes would break, bridges would fail and buildings would collapse. Spicer is proud to have an in-house group of structurally focused experts. Our Structural team is a unique group of professional engineers and designers who are depended on significantly throughout the company and by our clients. They work daily with many other groups and provide important structural advice and design solutions to everything from pump stations to bridges to seawalls. They calculate whether walls can be moved, if buildings can be demolished and how shipping docks can accommodate 1,000-foot-long ships. They design skeletal support systems for waterfront piers and concert stadiums and engineer 100-foot stacks for industrial clients.  They truly are a structured group of individuals, and having them in-house adds value to our projects and minimizes our clients’ costs by eliminating the need to sub this service out.