Site Engineering


Spicer offers an entire group of engineers and designers who specialize in providing quality design plans necessary before the construction of a development—whether building, neighborhood, or business park—can begin. These professionals focus on planning and designing sites that fit the specific needs of our clients. They also work with clients to improve and expand existing sites. Spicer’s site engineers are experienced in providing site due diligence and analysis to ensure a particular section of property can be developed and identify what has to be done to make it developable. Knowing what utilities exist, how far utilities have to be expanded or extended, knowing what type of permitting and even floodplain issues is key in today’s development business. When deemed buildable or beneficial, these same professionals can design necessary site tasks to be made and prepare them for bid. They are experts at designing adequate drainage, incorporating environmentally-friendly and energy-saving design techniques, providing accurate cost estimates, and designing proper utility extensions, as well as working with construction contractors to ensure the design is constructed as planned.