Mobile Mapping (Mobile LiDAR)


Spicer Group was the first company in the United States to offer survey-grade mobile mapping services using the Leica Pegasus 2 Mobile Mapping System.  Spicer Group’s mobile mapping team is performing design-grade and mapping-grade mobile mapping projects throughout the United States using multiple vehicle platforms.  We have successfully completed thousands of miles of mobile LiDAR projects from our trucks, boats and ATVs.  Primary markets include survey-grade transportation design surveys, telecommunication distribution system mapping, and municipal asset inventory surveys.  Mobile mapping allows for the rapid collection of all visible assets from a moving vehicle driving at posted speeds.  Depending on conditions, upwards of 80 miles of roadway can be driven each day, and office technicians then mine the dataset for the assets of interest, such as light poles, utility features, curbs, guardrails, barriers and the like.  Design-ready topographic survey deliverables can also be prepared from the same dataset.  We call this virtual surveying. Specific highlights of our mobile mapping capabilities include:

·          Survey-grade accuracy and 360° image coverage

·          Reduces impact to motorists and Keeps field personnel safe

·          Can eliminate the need for traffic control

·          Portable system can mount on any vehicle (Fast mobilization/rapid collection of assets)

·          1.1 Mhz LiDAR sensor spinning at 200 Hz, creates dense LiDAR datasets

·          Captures all visible features for efficient desktop surveying (virtual surveying)

·          Entire dataset can be delivered in a free client viewer with measurement capabilities