Spicer is an ESRI Silver Tier Partner.  Our GIS service area is rooted firmly in a strong foundation of ArcGIS dating back to the days of ArcView 3.2 and ArcInfo Workstation 7 over 20 years ago.  GIS is at the heart of the way we operate our engineering, surveying and planning business. We have over 20 GIS data creation professionals who provide data layers and projects to not only our clients but also to approximately 50 Spicer employees who are GIS data users on a regular basis.  We have delivered many types of GIS products over the years, including ArcReader, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcPad and even dating back to Map Objects solutions. We are capable in other GIS platforms as well, including Autodesk and PostGIS platforms, and we have leveraged heavily the Google Maps API to deliver web and mobile-friendly content.