Construction Services


Construction Administration

We routinely assist clients with fulfilling all administration tasks on construction.  During construction, we attend preconstruction and progress meetings, prepare and distribute minutes, answer contractor, subcontractor and supplier questions, respond to requests for information, prepare progress reports for the client and their associated stakeholders. We review shop drawings, review progress payments, process change orders, prepare bulletins as necessary and coordinate all aspects of the project on behalf of the client.  Our construction inspectors are very experienced with using FieldManager and also keep track of the plan changes made in the field during construction. The inspectors’ field plan data are used to develop as-constructed plans.


Construction Inspection/Material Testing

We have 18 mobile state-prequalified and state-certified construction inspectors/material testers on staff who are experienced in all types of construction projects. We own 14 concrete testing kits, 14 nuclear density gauges with complete compaction testing kits, and 2 paint inspection kits. Each team member is cross trained in both inspection and material testing. Each Spicer Group vehicle is equipped with complete density and concrete testing kits, and our technicians are experienced in E-Construction and ProjectWise. We have a Safety Program that meets and exceeds state standards.


Construction Staking

Additionally, we have 10 experienced state-prequalified survey crews who are experienced in all types of construction projects.  They are very mobile and prepared to collect, record and deliver data that is quality, on time and very accurate. Our survey professionals have extensive experience with providing quality as-built surveys, and they are highly respected by our clients for their ability to develop extremely accurate records of final design plans.