Community Planning


Community Planning and Zoning services continue to be a strong demand of Spicer Group.  We understand that every community is different, thus the planning and zoning services we provide are representative of each individual community. Our Community Planning Department is made of highly-educated planners who are also engaged with current planning and zoning trends and practices and are involved with the American Planning Association (APA) and the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP).  They keep up-to-date through various training and certification requirements, and also do their part to be leaders in the planning profession by contributing and sharing our ideas in publications and at conferences. They have exceptional writing abilities, and every member on the team relies on each other for helpful reviews, critiques, edits, and suggestions.  Maximizing communities development potential through performing site visits, reviewing applications, providing recommendations on zoning appeals, addressing land-use matters, and developing zoning ordinance and master plans is their profession—the enjoyment they get out of working with communities on a one-on-one basis is what makes them unique.